Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things to Come

 This song is about the Zombie Apocalypse. So pay attention, this song could save your life.

As per usual, life has continued to remain a bit crazy. At least for me it's crazy. It's been tough to really pursue all the plans I've made and now that February is a couple of weeks away, I'm gonna be moving AGAIN for the third time. Lol But this time will be different, I will be moving out with my girlfriend. This is a huge step for us and I can't wait til the day comes. And the great news is that we did find a place and we did get accepted, but I think we're still checking out a couple of places first. If we do decide to stick with this apartment, I will remain in Bloomfield. But now, I really really need to get myself a steady income whether it's another part-time or a new full-time job.

Also, in February, I have the two art shows coming up, which I'm pretty stoked about. I will be back in Boonton at The Canvas Clash on February 1st and then on the 10th, I will be in Lyndhurst at the Whiskey Cafe. I can't wait to show off the rest of the Zombies including the new ones, which you can check out on my Zombified page if you haven't already. Originally, I wanted to be able to present the new Zombie animation, which was going to showcase my Zombies from Zombified and also feature an epic song by my friends' band, Science. Definitely check them out if you haven't heard their stuff yet. But now, with the remaining time I have, I dunno if I'll be able to have the animation done. Considering all of the work that it involves, it's definitely going to take a long time because I like to go the whole nine yards from character bibles, storyboards, animatics, the whole thang. So yeah, I'm thinking if anything I'll have some promo pics and maybe a short teaser for either Feb. 1st or the 10th. We'll see, I still have some clients to take care of, which involves two bands.

I've even mentioned doing some character work for Blazer Show, which has grown to be a great challenge for me since I've strayed from it working on Zombified. The characters have grown so much and the story is really pulling together now and I haven't been around for it. It's tough when your partners are in a complete different state. And to be completely honest, I've been more dedicated to Zombified, not just because of my love for Zombies, but because it's what's making me some money. I may not be making bank from it, but some money is definitely better than no money. I feel when the time is right, I will be able to reunite with my partners and truly get back on track and brought up to speed with Blazer Show. And I feel that time will be when I have my true foundation built and involves being settled in a new home and having a real income. So when that happens, everything will fall into place.

That's the update for now, you can swing by my Zombified page for any further updates on the project and for any upcoming art shows. So until then...

Live, Love, and Kill Zombies.

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