Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Idea Lit Like A Candle

Hello Friends! So for a day or two, I came up with this fun little idea and then thought of another idea similar to the first. The first idea was to have friends or family take and send a casual self portrait of yourself and I would basically "zombify" you in the style I drew the "It's Zombie Time" picture.. Sounds fun right? And then, another idea similar to that would be to take a photo of whomever and turn one half of or the entire person into a cartoon.

If anything, I'll probably do both, I feel it would be a fun project and it could help me improve my "style". So if there's any takers, you can just email any picture that you would prefer to be used as a reference or unless you don't care and I can just pick one myself from your Facebook page cuz you know, that's totally not creepy at all, right? Lol So yeah, if you wanna send any pics, send them to gterado@yahoo.com.

That's all I got for now, I figured I'd announce my new project ideas to you guys before I forget them. =b I'll catch you all on the flip side, Peace!

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