Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Sunday Well Spent

Hey Guys! I hope Everyone's enjoying their new year so far. Today turned out to be a great recovery day after partying with my Philly Peeps. It's been a relaxing day, thank god, being the fact that I have to work overnight tonight.

Today, I made a stop at Zapp Comics, because I just needed to continue The Walking Dead comics. It's so good and addicting. I bought vol. 12 and 13, and I've already finished 12. Lol And I gotta say, ever since my girlfriend got me that crossbow, I've been having this "zombie" fever, kinda like the Bieber Fever, but it's with zombies. And for awhile, I've been saying how I want to do a short comic series, preferably with zombies, even thought The Walking Dead is so damn good, but yeah, I just wanna do something involving that idea, that theme.

So after I read The Walking Dead vol. 12, I began to think back on an old zombie animation I worked on during my studies at AIPh, simply titled ZOMBIES, which involved Tombo, Deivy, Gian, and myself. I've been wanting to redo the animation now that I'm done with school, I can rewrite it better, design it better, animate it better, and also due to some other changes, the casting line-up has slightly changed. Instead of Gian, it is our other good friend, Pat, since he is conveniently around to voice record for me. And just moments ago, I did some quick rough sketches ourselves and some zombies from a few days ago. Tell me what you think...

 I know I said I was on a holiday hiatus and all, which honestly began to feel more like an ITIS (Food Coma). But things are slowing beginning to move. I just sketching in my pad again, which I've been itchin to do and I also have a meeting with Crunchy Cloud Studios tomorrow night. So yeah, I'm excited and happy that things are still mildly busy. =b So with that said, I'll be sure to post another blog with some more updates and shhtuff. I'll catch you all next time here on...

I may just turn this image into a logo...
The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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  1. nice sketches buckits :D
    and... i still need to try that cross bow out :) i see some awesome adventures in the near future..