Monday, November 12, 2012

Shit Is Going Down.. In The Toilet.... Cuz' I'm Pooping Right Now.

Wow.. So it's been a little over a month since my previous blog. Back then, that was my second day living at my sisters, which at the time was difficult to adjust to, but now I'm pretty much used to my new temporary lifestyle here.

Lets see, where to begin... Well, not too long after that last post, I received a voice mail while I was at work and the funny thing was that when my phone was ringing and I didn't recognize the number, I easily pressed the F-U button because I assumed it was one of my loans trying to reach me. Whenever I receive a call from an unknown number, I ALWAYS assume it's the loan sharks. I'm sure those who owe student loans do the same thing. But fortunately, it was actually a job recruiter whom I've sent my resume to way back in May. So I spoke with her and set up an interview with her (who happened to be VERY pretty) and it went very well. She wanted to learn more about me and my background and also what my focuses are in my field of work. And when I had left, I was already feeling good just from that interview and suddenly, 10 minutes after I had left the office, I get a call from my recruiter saying how she had found a freelance job for me and we immediately scheduled a job interview. So that was great. Finally, the day of the interview came and needless to say I was nervous as shit. Overall, the interview went well although there were two minor mistakes that were discovered by the interviewer.. The first mistake was one of my characters had a misspelled word in it "Deficiency" but instead I had it as "Deficeincy" and the second mistake was within my resume. But in my opinion, I felt it was just a simple mistake, the word that I meant to use was "palette" as in "color palette", but instead I chose "pallet" from the Spell Check when I had spelled the word wrong in the first place. So I thought it was an easy mistake to overlook, of course, I should have looked it over a couple of times and even resend it to my recruiter but I can't remember what my mind set was at during that time, I was probably just really nervous and excited then. But when the interviewer had pointed out those two mistakes, I repeatedly apologized and he was saying it was alright and that he's usually a stickler when it comes to spelling errors so I didn't really think it would effect my chances. But then, when my recruiter called me and told me why it didn't work out, it was because of that. And I was really disappointed because he kept pointing out things that he liked with my work so, that was that.

And ever since, I've just been job searching online on like four different job sites, which three of them email me job alerts practically every day, which is why Zombified fell back into hiatus. But many of you have seen, Zombified is back up and running again with its own Facebook page! And I am currently working on Series 3 again, which I'm really stoked about. It is VERY IMPORTANT that I receive as many clients and sell as many Zombies as much as possible because I really REALLY need to start saving up for rent for my own place. I only have until February, which is when my parents are coming back to visit and I am currently occupying their room.. And time is definitely running out. All I've really been doing with my paychecks is paying back my loans and using the rest to get by until next payday. The good thing is, I finally getting back to being current with my loans so then I'll be back to paying once a month again. But like I was saying before, it's really important that I gather as many clients as possible, which is why I'm really counting on you guys to spread the word about Zombified, spread that shit like.. like a Zombie outbreak. And you guys have been doing really well too, I just need you guys to keep up the good work!

But yeah, my new Facebook page, Zombified By Gerald Terado, has all the information on how you can be added to my client list, contains all my contact info, my rates, and how payment transactions are done. All you have to do is go to the "About" section and it's all outlined there for ya. For any other questions, just reach me by either phone, FB, or email at anytime and I mean ANYTIME.

What else...

Oh, so now I'm 26 years old, many of you know, yesterday was my birthday and I had such a wonderful birthday weekend thanks to my girlfriend. She got me some awesome gifts. If you haven't seen them, she got me a nice warm fuzzy blanket and three T-shirts and ... All Zombie related. Lol

So that was awesome. And the night before that, my friends' band, SCIENCE, was performing at some little art studio/gallery venue in Boonton, which they kicked ass. It was my first time seeing them perform live and it was just awesome, great energy and they definitely had the crowd going. I've said it before on Facebook, but DEFINITELY CHECK THEM OUT IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY. They're so good and I got a rad T-shirt from them also.

It was kinda funny being there, though, because it's been a few years since I've been in that scene, and I had forgotten what it was like being surrounded by a bunch of young emo kids. But I'm that I went because I got to see my friends play along with some other great bands and I met with one of the people that sorta runs that venue and I'm trying to get my Zombified work displayed there. They're going to start a "First Friday" type of event every month and I'm definitely trying to get on that, which I'm probably going to hit up their email later tonight.

So that's pretty much it, honestly. It's only been about month since my last post but it feels so much longer than that. I thought I'd have more updates for ya but then again, all I've been really doing is working, resting, job searching, and seeing my girlfriend on weekends, which I'm beginning to cope with again because it's keeping things fresh. So yeah, that's about it.


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