Friday, August 17, 2012


Sup Dudes and Duderettes! I present to you..... (if you haven't seen it already).. Zombie #13 Jane! Hopeyoulike!

Awhile back, I've mentioned about custom designing these little toy keychains to look like your Zombie-selves or just random Zombies. And now I finally have one to use as a sample. I just really hope I can fit the detail that I want to include in them, but I'll be keeping you guys updated. I may even film the session(s) when I work on them.

And now it's time to chillax after a long week at work. I ended up passing out for a few hours earlier which I hate because then I wake up around between 3-6pm. So I'm gonna chillax and have myself a beer and possibly end the night with some illustration work.

Stay tuned and swing by my Facebook for other details! PEACE!

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